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:star::star::star:ANIMAZEMENT 2012:star::star::star:

I have returned from my trip to Raleigh and I must say that out of all the times in the past that I have been to Animazement, this has by far been the most stressful.  Which isn't really a bad thing it's just that as my first year with a table I was very afraid that I wouldn't make enough money to even justify having a table in artist's alley.  I did learn a lot though, and I plan on applying for a table again next year!  I did a little more than break even for the trip, which I would imagine is a good thing for a first time.  We were all a bit unorganized but it's a lesson learned!  Next year will be better.  

xD So funny story.  So first we hit a lot of traffic.  I live in Charlotte so on the way to Raleigh I had to pass by Concord and Kannapolis.  Anyone that follows NASCAR knows that the Coca-Cola 600 was this weekend at Charlotte Motor Speedway... which is in Concord.  So not only did I hit some pretty nasty race traffic, but I hit some roadwork too.  We were on the road for already an hour and hadn't even made it out of town!  Then when I thought it was all clear, my car broke down.  I was driving down the road and suddenly my speedometer went from 70 mph to 0 and the car engine started revving all funny so I pulled over.  I'm actually amazed I handled that as well as I did considering that I love my car to death and I would be very upset if anything serious happened to it.  Luckily I accidentally stole my boyfriends OBD II reader thingy so I plugged it in to see what the car said was wrong with it.  Seems like the only thing that was wrong was that my speed sensor just decided to have massive failure.  Speed sensors only cost $8-$20.  Funny how something so small and cheap can leave you sitting on the side of the road.  I hate technology sometimes.   The traffic was like a blessing in disguise it seems.  Because of the traffic we didn't get very far so it didn't take long to tow the car back home and switch vehicles.  By the time we headed out again the traffic had cleared up and it was smooth sailing all the way to our destination.  We finally made it to the hotel at around 11:15 PM when the original plan was around 6 ^^;

Ahem, anyway As for the convention itself, it was pretty good :D.  I got to meet a number of Deviants in person which was really cool.  :icondaniellesylvan: has some really pretty artwork and was very nice to me :D  Thanks so much for coming by my table hope to see you again next year  ^_^ as well as :icon0blivionstruth: who stopped by to say hello and a few others who said they'd seen me on DA but didn't identify themselves lol  You guys are all awesome.

:star::star::star:EXTRA PRINTS! :star::star::star:

Here are a few extra prints I'll be selling on DA for $7 each.  I'll be mailing them to anywhere!!!  Just send me a note!  I only have two different prints to chose from unfortunately and they are on a first come first serve basis!  They are all 8x10 on glossy cardstock and I will only be selling until I run out.

Con Print - Kikyou by SparkOut1911 Jade- Beyond Good and Evil by SparkOut1911


I'm going to try sketch cards this time.  People at the con really liked them and it seemed I was able to keep up with them pretty well so I will be offering them on DA
:bulletgreen: Note me with your character description or email it to me at
:bulletgreen: Only $10!  Payment through paypal.
:bulletgreen: I will send you a scan of the finished product for approval before mailing it to you. (will mail to people outside of the US! Mailing will also add nothing to the cost.)

Examples! Con Sketches! by SparkOut1911

Slots: (Unlimited for now!)


And that wraps up this long rambling journal entry lol.  later guys :D

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Warmics Featured By Owner May 28, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Well, I'm glad you made it, there and back again, safely! Sorry it was a little stressful, but first time always is I guess. Also, since everything that could go wrong did, now you are more than prepared for next year! Anyway, welcome back ;)
Sketchymaloo Featured By Owner May 28, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
If you go again next year I hope I get in this time. I tried but didn't manage to snag a spot along with several other friends, so hopefully next year we can possibly meet. It'd be great to actually see you in person in the AA ^.^
ladymatsudai Featured By Owner May 28, 2012
*paws at spot for a commission* Want but I have no money on Paypal :'(
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May 28, 2012