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Character Spotlight #6: Seiya

Fri Feb 11, 2011, 4:09 PM

Soooo, say hello to one of my oldest Oc's of all time.  Seiya.  He seems to have won by a long shot on the polls.  Unfortunately I have very few pictures of him, even if you add the one I just sketched up today.  =_= I fail at drawing men!  *is shot*

Okay so, this is how he started...
Seiya - New and Improved. by SparkOut1911 Omg it burns how horribly bad I was
Oldschool OC by SparkOut1911 and that's the one I did today
Every once in a while I like to go back and revisit how I used to see them.  It's fun that way.


If you couldn't tell from the armor, Seiya, like Kyna, also started out as an Inuyasha fan character... *is shot again*  He first popped up on my fanfiction as a very protective older brother to my main OC and a demon of some sort (usually a fox... don't ask why >.<)  So obviously the look started out rather cheesy, rather unoriginal ... and kinda bishie x_x  I used him in roleplay settings a lot, but he was never without a few family members.  The number of family members keeps growing x_x  Another odd thing about his character was that he was never intended play a major part in anythig.  He was actually only written into his first story to die... ^^; yeah that's right, in his first story his only real purpose was to kick the bucket to give the main character something to be upset about. (I WAS A BAD WRITER DAMMIT!)

Why the hair?  Well I certainly wasn't into the emo craze.  There was a much ... ur... different reason for his strange do. The story about that is kinda funny.  Okay, well first I tried to draw a simple chibi of him while in English class in the tenth grade. (DAYUM that was a while ago.) No matter how hard I tried I could NOT get his one eye to match the other!  So finally I said, the hell with it, and pulled a very lazy artist move. I drew his hair over his eye.  And the look stuck.  I'm a stickler for details so I obviously just couldn't say "oh yeah, he has a weird hairdo just because." so he's missing an eye >_> and eye-patches are a bother. lol  In nearly every story since, he ends up losing an eye.

Then, as I got older and grew out of the anime fanfiction craze I decided that I liked him enough not to leave him in the past with my fanfiction works.  So he got a new backstory, a slightly different look, and the part of a lead role, instead of a mere side role.  He is basically the male lead of Double-Edged. Which I've posted the first part of here -->…

For some reason, when I wrote him into that story he got much younger.  The original version of him was supposed to look around mid to upper twenties, but when I wrote him into Double-Edged he suddenly went all the way back to nineteen.

The Character
No matter what story he's in, he is always a very caring, protective, and faithful personality, and almost always a soldier.  He just needs to be protecting something...  Those aspects of his personality didn't change in Double Edged.  (Which I hope to finish and have drawn like Riled is going to be.)

Something else that doesn't change when writing young Seiya (anything age 20 and below.) is that while he's generally a decently skilled fighter and good with strategy, he is not good with women.  He's very shy around the ladies, which makes him rather fun to torment.  Especially when most girls find his bashfulness to be a very cute and humorously endearing quality.  He doesn't deal well with awkward situations, and his most clumsy moments are always in front of a girl that he finds very pretty. As he gets older he matures a bit in this aspect.  Still, any attempt to seduce him would probably result in him blushing madly and telling said seductress that she's being very indecent and she needs to keep her clothes on.  

He also has this way of getting into things way far over his head... and usually by no fault of his own.  He has this bad habit of being in the right place at the right time to get into all sorts of sticky situations.  Thanks to his ability to think quickly, he can make it out of most situations without being killed or mauled half to death.  He's good at following orders but not totally afraid to improvise, so if need be he is capable of taking control.  Hell, even if it was a very bumpy ride, a success is a success.

Something else having to do with his luck?  The woman he falls the hardest for is usually one that he can't have.  In the case of Double-Edged, this woman is Catriona.  Unfortunately for him she's been promised to someone else, and the future of their country depends on it.  To begin with he merely admires her from a distance as someone would be expected to admire royalty. When the escort she is sent with gets ambushed and their numbers dwindle from thirty men to only a few, he's forced to spend more time closer to her.  Although he tries his best to stay formal with her, they begin to see each other as friends, and eventually as something a little more.

AND that's about it so far... unless I'm missing something...  I did write a little mush with him and Catriona and I'm debating on whether or not I should post it for valentine's day since I can't draw this guy to save my life.  If you want to read just say so and I shall post it! (and I hope it's not as cheesy as I think it is, but I think all romance is cheesy.

>_> and this is my favorite artwork done of him and Catriona by :iconnewsha-ghasemi: *_* so awesome.  

I'm going to go ahead and do Catriona's character for spotlight #7, so the poll this time is a little different... ^^ feel free to comment!

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Beyawnest Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2011  Student General Artist
Awww XD he's a shy guy~~ those are always fun >8D *evil smile*

...skipping eyes....i remember my share those days... o^o (and the eraser holes in paper......dang it...)

keep it up! >:]
SparkOut1911 Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2011   Digital Artist
xD yeah they are. You want to see him go from serious to not so serious in .02 seconds, flash boobs. He'll go all red and then be confused as to why you'd do such a thing... lol

Omg yes. I nearly had a hole in the paper when I finally gave up and was like "YOU'RE MISSING AN EYEBALL BECAUSE I HATE IT!" lol such a poor unlucky character xD
Beyawnest Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2011  Student General Artist
rofl! xD i could imagine him running into a wall xDDD poor guy~~
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