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Animazement 2011 Report!

Sun May 29, 2011, 7:52 PM

Okay so I didn't get to stay as long this year as I have in previous years.  I have a full time job so I didn't make it until late Friday but I did manage to enter a few items into the art auction.  Not all the ones I wanted to enter but things worked out better than I thought x_x

My small prints got next to nothing but the largest print I entered was a 16x20 framed print of this

Princess Mononoke by SparkOut1911

This earned a grand total of $150 :D  I was soooo happy.  It got $100 in auction and the story behind that is a bit crazy, and the 50 was actually from a contest.  Our print was voted second place as a fan favorite!  So happy!

But yeah so how it got $100... well it was bid on in silent auction 3 times, first bid was 30 second was 80 and the next was 90.  The guy that bid last never showed to pick it up or even pay up >.< so I was nearly down 90 bucks and I was just gonna end up with the picture back but the lady that bid 80 on it before happened to be there and she gave 100 for it!  I wanted to give her a hug but I figured that might be a bit... awkward... so I didn't... but MAN I WAS SO HAPPY!    

We totally have to do more of these for the next con.  It's a good profit even with splitting the money.

So the rest of the con was as good as I would expect it to be lol.  I didn't get to go to many panels because of my short stay but I still really enjoyed myself.

Oh and guys, I shall make a suggestion... if you go to animazement or you happen to be in Raleigh, you have GOT to eat at this little place called the "Busy Bee Cafe"  Good food.  Intresting food, but very good... I'm still full from that sandwich I had. and the fries are friggin awesome.  A little on the pricy side but we go there for lunch at least once every con xD  good stuff.

Oh and :iconautumngoose: and I are thinking about offering joint commissions, any suggestions as to pricing and options? (The Princess Mononoke picture up there is a good example of the work we do together lol.)  any feedback on that would be great thanks!

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razer145 Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2011
So, how much do you think a piece of the Combine gang would cost? Something like a group shot? And you left out the best part of that story, Chel...

We were standing in line, at a low point as the wonderful staff brought out that awesome portrait, saying the person who'd bid hadn't shown. She got this incredible look of frustration and annoyance on her face (anyone who knows Chelie knows what I'm talking about), turned around, and SHOUTED (I mean there were probably people in the Sheraton who heard her) "Did anyone bid on Princess Mononoke?! Come pick it up!!!". That or something similar...And this slightly intimidated woman walked over and said "I bid 80..."

Anyway, get back to me on that Combine group
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May 29, 2011